State Enterprise Artyomsol keeps an extensive social sphere, providing workers and veterans of salt production and their family members with wholesome rest and recovery facilities, favourable conditions for all-round development. This undoubtedly creates positive image of Artyomsol not only in its home town but also on the whole in the region and in Ukraine.

Salt-workers, their families and inhabitants of the town enjoy a modern, well-found sports centre, swimming-pool and a stadium.

Successful in defending the honour of the home enterprise are swimmers, volleyball-football-, and basketball-players, boxers of Artyomsol.

For the 70 years workers’ children spend their summer holidays in recreation camp for children «Raduga» that is supported by SE Artyomsol.

There is a holiday centre on the banks of the Severskiy Donets river near the village of Serebryanka for salt-workers and their families. Moreover, management and trade union of SE Artyomsol provide salt-workers with trips to the holiday and health resorts located at the seaside of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.