Medical influence of speleotherapy on patients suffered from bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia in the conditions of microclimate of caves and salt mines is confirmed by works of scientists of Ukraine, Russia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries.

High therapeutic treatment effect on people suffered from bronchial and lungs diseases in the microclimate of karst caves and salt excavations is confirmed by work of speleosanatoriums, located in the salt excavations of Soledar and Solotvino (Ukraine), Permskskiy krai (Russia), Kochkorskiy district of Kirghizia, Nakhichevan' (Azerbaijan).

Lamps «Salt shine» manufactured by SE «Artyomsol» saturating apartment’s air by the salt particles create a pleasant microclimate comparable with the unique microclimate of salt mines, which is friendly to the patients suffered from bronchial asthma and other allergic diseases. Soft shaded shine of a arouses positive emotions. The influx of negative ions in optimum doses causes the increase of concentration ability of a man, mood improvement, capacity for work and the shallow particles of salt are able to interpenetrate in the man’s respiratory tracts, providing a restoration and prophylactic action both due to getting of vitally necessary ions of mineral salts and their bactericidal influence.

Microelements of natural salt join in biochemical processes quicker than medicinal preparations. They are harmless for a man and quicker result to normalization of some damaged functions in human organism. The aerosol of ions, included in the composition of salt, creates the natural atmosphere of sterility. It allows recommend the use of a lamp for prophylaxis for people with weak immunity, often suffered from respiratory diseases, bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchitis of a smoker, allergic rhinitis , obstructive bronchitis, and also as prophylaxis for healthy people. Medical qualities and features of rock salt are proved by the fact that miners that work in salt mines practically never suffer from bronchial asthma and other diseases of respiratory tracts.

The diffusers of lamps are manufactured from an environmentally pure, natural salt. The age of salt exceeds 250 million years. The content of sodium chloride varies in 97,5-98,7%. There are all necessary microelements for proper functioning of the human organism.

During operating of a salt lamp there is a saturation of air of the corpuscular and submolecular particles of sodium chloride. The special construction of a lamp allows providing the stream of aeroions in an environment without additional devices. The saturation of air by microcrystals of sodium chloride is increased due to the electric heating.

SE "Artyomsol'" manufactures lamps the "Salt Shine" according to SOU 14.4-37-649:2007 «Lamps decorative» from natural rock salt. The standard of SOU 14.4-37-649:2007 is developed by SE «Artyomsol» together with TK 58 (UkrNIIsol').

The construction of lamp is protected by a patent for an industrial prototype № 10377 valid from 15.06.2005.

Methodical recommendations were taken into account during the designing of lamps – « Use of moist aerosol of sodium chloride for treatment of patients suffered from bronchial asthma» (affirmed by Main Administration of Treatment and Prophylactic help of Ministry of Health of the USSR dd. 23.06.1985)

Material for the production of lamps «Salt shine » is carefully taken away and controlled in the laboratory of quality. Every electric stuff wares are carefully tested for safety of the buyer. The lamp is supplied with a «manual». Guarantee shelf-life of a lamp is 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

Every lamp «Salt shine » of SE «Artyomsol» is a masterpiece of the craftsmen , and also an effective, natural, available and harmless method of the treatment, rehabilitation of the immune and respiratory systems, a positive energy source at home and a real method of neutralization of harmful electromagnetic radiation.

You get the natural source of health for your relatives and yourself buying lamps «Salt shine» manufactured by SE «Artyomsol».

Besides, SE Artyomsol produces souvenirs made of crystallized and lump salt: candlesticks on the stands or without it; cube on the wooden or salt stand; casks with salt.

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