High quality products of State enterprise Artyomsol are characterized by a high percentage of sodium chloride (NaCl) about 97.7 – 98.5%. Our salt contains all trace elements useful for human organism and practically it doesn’t contain harmful admixtures.

Modern systems of extracting this natural resource, progressive method salt-cutting, conveyer transport and product stream lines of overground salt-processing complex exclude application of hard manual labor during basic production processes and ensure high quality of products and industrial safety. Engineering services of the enterprise did much for diversification of product range, as well as for improving its quality to achieve absolute satisfaction of numerous consumers.

An important achievement of SE Artyomsol personnel consists in the introduction of a quality system and its validation according to ISO 9001:2008 international standards conducted by QSCert-Ukraine B.V.

Nowadays, great attention of SE Artyomsol is paid to ecological safety of manufacturing process and ensuring excellent product purity using new and high production technologies. Brine, which is formed in the mine and which was formerly discharged into the rivers, nowadays is being utilized in special underground brine receptacles, where the process of recrystallization is used. Present technologies of salt extraction and processing provide total mechanisation and automation of the production. Application of drilling and blasting operations is excluded during the extraction of natural resource. Using of combine excavation is ecologically pure, safer and economically feasible. During the processing of mined raw material, classification of the product is checked on the screen – it helps to avoid regrinding of salt and excessive dust formation in the air of the working area.

Advance of science and technology is reflected in work organization of the underground and the salt-processing complex, computerization and automation of handling operations and in longstanding time-proved marketing and sales policy of the enterprise.

Introduction of new lines of fabricating pre-packed salt in polyethylene packets of 1 kg each with multiple packaging in 10, 25 and 50 kg promotes better saturation of the market, lightens the work of packers, and improves industrial design.