Good reputation of products of State Enterprise Artyomsol has been spreading in many countries of the world; SE Artyomsol is the largest enterprise in Europe and acknowledged leader of Ukrainian salt industry. Mines of Artyomsol are equipped with modern machinery and enginery and implement advanced technologies, allowing produce high quality products of salt in broad assortment.

Foundation stone of SE Artyomsol was laid in 1881, when commercial production of rock salt began at Bryantsevskiy salt-mine. This ecologically pure salt is extracted from the underground depths. It corresponds to the best world samples. It’s not by accident that many consumers not only from our country give preference to our salt

During 135 years of productive activity, the mines of SE Artyomsol extracted, processed and marketed to consumers more than 280.9 million tons of salt, which is necessary for successful development of a large quantity of industries. If all the salt mined by the enterprise became a pyramid of blocks, then the hypothetic structure would have exceeded the world-famous Cheops pyramid in terms of height – 4 and volumetrically – 40 times. The reserves of Artyomovsk salt deposit will suffice for many hundreds of years. Production capacity may ensure annual extraction, processing and shipment of salt to consumers in the volumes, exceeding 7 million tons. Implementation of a quality system according to ISO 9001:2008 international standards placed products of Artyomsol in the range of world’s best specimens as confirmed by an array of both national and international awards.

The developed communications network promotes steady contacts with suppliers of material resources and with salt consumers. Various types of salt produced by the enterprise enjoy great demand in the Baltic and Western European countries. Its excellent quality is appreciated highly by the Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Romanians, Poles, Serbs. Offering for sale the world’s best rock salt we invite all potential buyers for mutually advantageous cooperation and we are confident of success!